Birth Bag List

Here are some things I would recommend bringing in your birth bag!

– On the way to the birth, it’s a good idea to have trash bags and towels covering your seat in case your water breaks

– Birth plan (One for you, your doctor/midwife, nurses and anyone else attending)

– Slippers

– Warm socks

– Pillow & blanket (for both mom and dad)

– Nightgown or something comfortable for labor (you can choose to wear you’re own clothing – even in a hospital)

– Swim suit that’s easy to take off and put on (for showers or water birth – Don’t forget dad’s too!)

– Something to hold your hair out of your face

– Sleeping mask

– Make-up (for all those pictures you want to look pretty in!)

– Lotion

– Tooth brush

– Toothpaste

– Hairbrush

– Shampoo

– Body soap

– Deodorant

– Breath mints

– Preferred brand of pads (depends can be less of a hassle so you don’t ruin your panties)

– Large flat pad for putting on the car seat to go home

– 2 nursing bras (one should be comfortable to sleep in)

– Nursing pads

– Lanolin HPA for nipple soreness relief (coconut oil also works well and doesn’t have to be wiped off before nursing)

– Nursing pillow

– Video camera & charger

– Cell phone & chargers

– Camera & charger

– Laptop to watch movies & DVD’s and computer charger

– iPod, earphones & charger (create a playlist that is 10x longer than you think it should be! Repeating songs get annoying)

– Candles or something that smells good

– Loose, comfortable clothing for going home

Baby’s Bag:

– Outfit for baby (Sleeper, onesie, socks, hat, hand mittens. Baby cannot hold body heat for 24 hours so it is important to bring a warm outfit and layers)

– Blankets

– Diapers & wipes

– Olive oil (Rub it on baby’s bottom after diaper changes and it makes for super easy meconium clean up!)

– Extra outfit

– Head and neck support for car seat (Body and head inserts are not considered safe unless the brand is the same brand as your carseat. Rolled up receiving blankets work well for head support)

– Car seat

A few snack and drink ideas for labor:

– Fresh cut of fruit

– Bone broth (very high in protein – great for energy!)

– Soup (something like chicken noodle, nothing spicy or heavy)

– Trail mix

– Mixed nuts

– Yogurt

– Popsicles

– Pretzels

– Gatorade

– Water (you should drink 16oz per hour to keep your muscles hydrated. It actually reduces pain and fatigue)

– Juice (avoid citrus – it can cause heartburn)



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