Natural Family Planning

Have you ever wondered exactly what’s going on with your body or are you wanting to learn about a natural way to plan your family? Then this is for you!

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, I knew I didn’t want to go the birth control route. That’s how we decided on natural family planning. I’ve been using NFP for over 12 years and it has worked wonderfully! Even if you don’t want to avoid pregnancy for various reasons, learning how to properly use the NFP method is very helpful for becoming intune with your body and learning how your cycles work. If you are experiencing an unknown cause of infertility it can help you and anyone medically involved determine what might be going on. It’s also an excellent resource for those getting married or trying to conceive.

• I offer one-on-one meetings where we go over how to use the NFP method. I encourage you to meet with me 1 week before your next cycle begins so I can help you begin charting your next cycle. I can help you customize it to whatever you want whether it’s avoiding pregnancy, trying to conceive or how to look for possible ‘defects’ in your cycle that might be preventing you from conceiving. **

• The one-on-one lasts 1 hour and is $100. This includes the meeting as well as a paper for you to take home that cover the bullet points. If you have any questions beyond our meeting you can contact me within your current cycle. After your cycle I can look over your chart if that is something you would like me to do. I can meet up with you or come to your home within 15 miles of 75035.

You can contact me by text, call or email:


**I am not a medical doctor nor am I medically trained or a certified NFP instructor. My knowledge is based on my own experience and my own evidence based research. I can only see basic defects in your cycle that are out of the norm. I cannot prescribe nor tell you which supplements to take to correct these issues. Please also note that the average conception time is 6-12 cycles.