Planned C-Section Support

Did you know doulas can also offer support during a planned c-section?** Cesarean births are births and I believe you have just as much need for support as a vaginal birth. Just because you’re having a c-section doesn’t necessarily mean everything is out of your control. More OB’s are realizing that a gentle cesarean is a better route to go when there’s no medical issues involved. It creates a calm and controlled environment for both the mom and dad and helps the baby have a smooth and peaceful transition earthside. There is less stress for everyone involved and sometimes the mom is allowed to participate and watch her baby come earthside through a clear curtain. Baby stays with you longer and you nurse and have skin-to-skin time while still in the OR. This promotes bonding within the ‘golden hour’ after delivering which often leads to a better nursing relationship and lessens the chance of postpartum depression. Having a doula with you in the OR also helps your significant other be able to go and see the baby without leaving you alone. I also help you both know what’s going on before, during and after your cesarean.

My planned c-section package is $1,100 and includes the following:

– A consultation

– Calls or texts when needed to go over your options

– A prenatal visit in your home where we put together your birth plan and go over relaxation techniques

– Your birth (I arrive well before you go back to the OR)

– Recovery time with you post-op

– A postpartum visit in your home where we go over your birth and I help with breastfeeding if needed

– Follow-up calls or texts up to 3 weeks postpartum

Additional home visits can be purchased for $50 per visit.

A $550 deposit is due at the time you hire me and the remaining $550 is due at your 36 week home visit.

**Please be sure to confirm with your OB and L&D that a doula would be allowed in the OR with you.