Pre-Pregnancy Consultation

Through the years, I’ve met quite a few clients who have said they wished they had known more options before becoming pregnant so they could start off on the right foot. While I do recommend switching to a different provider if at all possible when needed during pregnancy, starting off with a provider that you can feel comfortable with and who will truly support you is invaluable. You may have already given birth but have things you wish were different and want to find a provider who will support you differently than your other experience(s). Maybe you are trying to decide what type of provider you should go with, an OB, in hospital midwife or out of hospital midwife. We can talk through each and what the differences are. If you’ve experienced birth trauma, loss or your birth didn’t go as desired, talking through it before becoming pregnant can be very helpful. It will allow you to process, heal and be able to look forward to welcoming another baby into your family.

What’s included:

• A one on one meeting in your home or an environment that you are most comfortable in. This meeting will last 1-2 hours. This is the time we talk through your preferences in a provider, what type of provider and anything you need to process.

• Assistance in finding a provider that is a good fit for you.

• Help knowing which questions to ask providers based on your preferences.

• Help finding cesarean rates of providers.

• Further resources for trauma, birth disappointment or loss support if needed or desired.


• $350, due in full at the time of hiring