Birth Package

The cost for my doula care is $800 and support families within a 45 mile radius of 75068.

My $800 fee includes:

– A free consultation within 15 miles of 75068. Any consultations outside of that range will be $15.

– One prenatal visit 4 weeks before your due date (if you feel you need to meet more than once it will be $50 for each additional meeting.)

– Your labor, delivery and 2 hours after delivery

– A call to check-in within 24 hours of your birth within normal business hours

– One postpartum visit

– Breastfeeding, emotional support, and 24/7 call support as needed up to 3 weeks postpartum

– I am on-call for 2 weeks before your due date and 2 weeks after

*A $400 holding fee is due along with your contract which I provide after the initial consultation and is non-refundable. Once I receive your holding fee and signed contract I will reserve your due date. The remaining $800 is due by your 38th week of pregnancy and is required for me to attend your birth. Payment plans can be arranged after the intitial $400 deposit.


• Know someone who is expecting? Refer them to me and you’ll receive $100 off your fee*.

*You and the client you are referring must both put down your non-refundable holding fees of $400 and have signed your contracts before your (referee) $100 discount will be applied to your fee.

• Repeat clients automatically receive a $100 discount after their $400 deposit and signed contract have been received.

** Discounts can be combined up to $150.